From the beginning, the competetive nature of the founder, Johnny Williams, has been the driving force behind the many successful campaigns. Early on, the love, and need for competition was met by 25 plus years in NASCAR Late-Model Stock Car Racing (starting at age 15). He competed with the best in the business, such as  Bobby and Donnie Allison, Neil Bonnett, Darrel Waltrip, and many of the racing legends. He jokingly claims that he is one of the reasons they are famous, "they have to out-run somebody, nobody comes to see a one car race". Over the years Johnny won several Championships, and many feature races throughout the south.

Later, as he puts it, after "getting too old, and too slow" to win stock car races, he turned to another outlet for competition. He found himself in the middle of a hotly contested Governors' race in Alabama. It was in 1982, and the candidate was George Wallace. Some of his buddies were working in the race, and talked Johnny into helping out. Although his was a small part, it was enough to light his fire, and the competition changed. Now it was against men, and not machines. Winning an election was almost the same feeling as winning the Daytona 500. The rest is History.............


Track Champion and Sportsman of the Year

Five Flags Speedway Pensacola, Florida