is just what the name implies....If you need a High-speed Internet connection in the most remote areas, or downtown big cities, then look no further. We can provide wireless connection to over 250 laptops, with 5000 mbps down, and 768 kbps upload. So, if you need a way to provide file-time to the news crews following your campaign, no need to rent rooms, or setup phone lines that only gives you dial-up, we are a roving Hot-Spot that can make it happen.

We can also provide Internet access as you are travelling from campaign stop, to campaign stop. We just simply tag along behind your caravan and get you "hooked-up" on our high-powered wireless network.  We are a Mobile Communication Center operating with the latest voice and data tecnology.   24 hour access cards are available at affordable rates.

This is one of our units watching the sun rise over the beautiful Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Can't think of a better place to test our new toy. If you were on the Flats, you were connected by SkyHook.